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Postcards from spring Bled

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Or how the Metaldays site looks in early spring when not occupied by thousands of metalheads from all over the world.

Since the above mentioned heavy metal festival is taking place in one of the most beautiful places in our country, dare I say Europe or World, and since I took my wife for a little trip, which took us to Tolmin, where the festival (previously known as Metalcamp) is taking place for more than a decade, it was quite interesting to visit the place where we have enjoyed our summer days so many times in the past.

Here’s how the site looks at the moment:

01Remember the walk down the path to the main beach? Missing in this photo is a bar on the right and topless women playing badminton!

02Water changes the shore constantly and what was a rather nice lagoon last year, is just a little puddle of water today. But who knows how it will look in July?

03  05Confluence of rivers Soča and Tolminka without hundreds of metalheads.

04Sandy beach and turquoise blue waters scream of refreshment – even today at comfortable 22C.

06The location of second smaller stage – wanna play tennis? ;)

07A view towards the merch area – somewhat a lonesome sight these days.

08No hard liqueurs are being offered here…

09At least a lonesome graffiti tells us an Arch Enemy fan was leaving his/her mark.

010A building in ruins gets masked during the festival effectively with official festival merch stand.

011A shortcut to main stage for press photographers and a location of many meets&greets.

012The location of main stage.

013And a view of camping site – at least a part of it anyway.

I must admit, we both admired the one, that first visited this location as you can see it today in these photos and saw it as a potential place for metal festival. Everything looks so tiny and deserted and a total contrast to what we see when the festival is taking its place. The small town of Tolmin feels like it is awakening from its winter sleep, the bars have open terraces opened and it looks like people are just waiting for those few months to pass and transform their little place in paradise into heavy metal capital of the world – if only for one week!

Karlstad – Kolarbyn

This trip was one of the best in our lives and if we would have to pick a day, that was the best, it was this one.

001After a good night’s sleep in a camp just outside of Karlstad, we awoke into a misty morning, but rising sun dealt with it efficiently, clearing the skies fast.

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Göteborg – Fjällbacka

Following a good night’s rest at Göteborg’s hostel, we headed north. First to satisfy my aviation needs, we visited Göteborgs Aeroseum (which will be presented in a separate post) and then headed north through West coast archipelago.

s082Just to visualize 3rd day’s trip. I have to admit, a tour of Aeroseum took (unsurprisingly) longer than planned, which meant we were on a rush a bit. 

002We exited the highway E6 towards Oslo at Stenungsund and joined the road E160 which runs through some of the fjords and archipelago islands. As all the islands on this road are connected with bridges, this was the fastest, cheapest and most convenient way to get some of the West coast feel. And the first bridge we had to cross was Tjörnbron. The bridge is 664m long and was built in 1981, after its predecessor was hit by a ship and destroyed.

001The rest place near the bridge is tidy as everything in Sweden and offers nice views of the archipelago. Weather, as you can see, was pretty marginal, but at least it was dry.


004Scenery was simply amazing and these few photos can hardly describe the beauty of it while driving through. On the other hand, being a driver most often than not prevents me to take more photos while it is true, by the Murphy’s law, that when you spot something really beautiful, you can’t stop anyway.

003As we exited E6 highway again headed towards the coast, low clouds we hanging over our destination. Will we ever experience some sunny weather other than while driving?

009After we’ve parked above the village, we descended by the main street down to the shore, accompanied by such cosy looking wooden houses.

s105Fjällbacka was a favorite summer retreat for Hollywood famous Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. The town named the main square after her and erected this statue in her memory.

007Another view of the Ingrid’s “park” – the huge granite wall above the village was full of little waterfalls due to the past days rainfall. At least something :)

008And finally, a view of the village from the sea. I guess it would be much more picturesque if the skies would be blue and the sun was shining. But I still like this photo for its dark murky colours.

After Fjällbacka, we were rushing back south to Uddevalla, then east and again north by the EU’s largest lake Vänern, towards Karlstadt. And we reached the reception in the last minutes before closing.


After a late afternoon and evening visit to the center of Stockholm and a good night’s sleep in the prison, it was time to hit the road. What lay ahead of us was the longest leg of our road trip. Driving down in approximately South-West direction we passed a number of “köpings” – word that can be equated to “burg” as in Edinburgh, Hamburg, etc.

000One of those places was also Norrköping, home of the SAAB corporation, probably most known for the cars, but also a rather large aviation manufacturer and so driving down south by the town, we were greeted by pairs of aircraft posted on the display by the highway – Tunnan, Lansen, Draken and Viggen could all be seen as well as Safir, 105 and if I am not mistaken Saab 340. Halfway through our leg, we reached Sweden’s second biggest lake – Vättern.

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Some photo work of last months…

It’s been a while since my last post and I won’t bother you with excuses – fact is I was quite busy photography wise in the last several months. I am working for leading Slovenian rock webzine as a journalist and photographer and here are some of my galleries from the past months

Ater Era, Nocturnal Depression, Make a Change, Kill Yourself…

Decapitated, Children of Bodom

Innergate, Tristania, Dark Tranquility

Condemnatio Christi, Chtonic, Satyricon

Vlado Kreslin

Animalhouse, Iron Median

Besides this, I also took part as official photographer for the Golden Flight Level 2014. GFL could be called a week long winter holidays for Air Traffic Controllers from all around the world. Slovenia was hosting the event this year and I took thousands upon thousands of photos at the end of January, both on the ski slopes, X-cross race track and parties and concerts through the week.


But worry not as of next week, I will continue the photo story of our roadtrip around Sweden…

Happy New Year 2014



After an hours drive from Skavsta Airport at Nyköping we arrived to our hostel at Stockholm. As I always like to try something different I chose the Langholmen hostel, which is in fact an ex-prison converted to less sinister use these days. Langholmen was the largest Swedish prison and was in use until 1976. A fact that it had its parking lot was significant as well.

s201Front view of the prison hostel. Besides the rooms/cells, there’s also a restaurant and prison museum on site.

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A flight to Sweden


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Kecskemet 2013, Part VII




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