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The evening London

I just love taking evening shots in the beautiful so-called blue light. Here’s a few shots I took this April in London over two beautiful spring evenings.


Metal sign on the gates of the Tower of London clearly states the ownership of the property.


Evening view of the Southwark district with the 306m Shard skyscraper dominating the skyline.


The pointy end of the Shard.


Tower of London.



One of the most famous landmarks – the Tower Bridge.


Another view of Thames with Shard in the background.


Medieval Tower of London against City’s modern bussiness buildings.


The Navigators sculpture located in the Hay’s Galleria – just south of London Bridge City Pier

Londoneve-10Rainbow of evening colours pose a dramatic background behind the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

Londoneve-11One of the new London’s landmarks, The Eye, can be seen from various parts of the city center. Long queues and high entrance fee were two of the reasons we skipped this tourist trap.

Londoneve-12Houses of Parliament with the Elizabeth Tower, which also known as the Clock Tower or Big Ben.

Londoneve-13Another view of the Eye with the Thames river.


A detail view of the Elizabeth Tower – Big Ben is actually not the tower but the bell inside.


Camden Town, London

Camden Town or just Camden, is an inner city district of London. Since the 1970’s Camden has become known for its street markets and while the traditional food market has been present until 2013, you will know find only touristy stalls and shops – from souvenirs and snacks to music CDs and other more or less usual (and unusual stuff). Crowded by tourists and street performers, it is certainly an interesting place to visit, for an hour or more :)


Street musicians gather even dancing crowd.


A view of the Camden High Street, where all the madness begins.



Whacky shop fronts which offer anything from gothic clothing to second hand shoes

camden-4Another kind of street performers – these pole-sitters were quite popular around the city.

camden-6Camden Lock street food market – affordable prices and the offer expands from juice pork sandwiches to vegan dishes – hard to leave this place hungry.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Is located at the famous Piccadilly Circus, so finding it should not be too hard.


Robert L. Ripley (1890–1949) was a cartoonist, explorer, reporter, adventurer, and collector, who travelled to 201 countries in 35 years seeking the odd, the unusual, and the unexplained. In those years, he created an incredible collection of weird and weirder and a part of it, you can still see today in Ripley’s Museums all around the world. Here is just a teaser of what you can see in London’s collection.
For more on Ripley, click HERE.

Kranj in the evening




Tolmin Gorges

Tolmin gorges are one of those hidden and often overlooked pearls of our little country. Well they are not grand like Grand Canyon for example, but it’s the little things that more often than not grow to your heart.

You can get to these gorges by foot from Tolmin following the Tolminka river or alternatively drive there by car.


While the published route is marked in counter clockwise direction, clockwise one is much easier to walk. A view from the road down into the emerald abyss.

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Orsa – Uppsala

Leaving the Orsa Björnpark at around 2pm, we headed back south via Falun to the university town of Uppsala.


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We might be a small country with even less people, but if we are good at making something, it’s got to be world class athletes. Anže Kopitar is undoubtedly the greatest athlete coming from our little nation. Started to play ice hockey when he was of little age, he advanced quickly, moved to Sweden as a teenager and soon got drafted in NHL by LA Kings team. He immediately proved his worth and has since become one of the best NHL players with high praises from different ice hockey experts, Wayne Gretzky being one of them.

Anže’s view of the ice field is unlike any others and he finished this years play-offs as top scoring player with 26 points in 26 games. His statistic are at the bottom of this page.


One of the first to arrive to the ‘crime scene’ was one of Anže’s biggest fans from his hometown.

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Kolarbyn – Orsa Grönklitt

Leaving the beauty and serenity of Kolarbyn behind us, we took the road to the North. After making a short stop at Falun, to see the city of one of our favorite metal bands, Sabaton, we continued North, by the lake Siljan to Orsa Grönklitt.

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Postcards from spring Bled

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