Although I shoot different kind of photos, I want to dedicate my first post to my biggest passion – the aviation/airshow photography.

It was the year 1989. 80th anniversary of Edvard Rusjan’s first flight with Eda I aircraft and a big celebration of this event with an airshow being held at Ljubljana (Brnik) airport. I was a 12 year old kid back then and although I was interested in aviation since my early days, this was my first airshow. G-2s, G-4s, Oraos, Gazelles, Mi-8s, MiG-21s and first public showing of then-Yugoslav’s finest fighter, the MiG-29.

So 2009 is also 20th anniversary of my first airshow; how time flies by 🙂

Here’s a list of the airshows I visited until now:

1989 – Ljubljana airshow, Slovenia

1995 – Portoroz airshow, Slovenia

1998 – Graz airshow, Austria

1998 – Celje airshow, Slovenia

2000 – Cerklje airshow, Slovenia

2000 – Rivolto Airshow, Italy

2003 – Zeltweg airshow, Austria

2004 – Payerne airshow, Switzerland

2004 – Trieste airshow, Italy

2005 – Zeltweg airshow, Austria

2005 – Rivolto airshow, Italy

2005 – NAS Ocena, USA

2006 – Trieste airshow, Italy

2006 – Pratica di Mare, Italy

2006 – CIAF, Brno, Czech Republic

2007 – Aviano AFB, Italy

2007 – MAKS, Moscow, Russia

2007 – Kecskemet airshow, Hungary

2007 – CIAF, Brno, Czech Republic

2008 – Kecskemet airshow, Hungary

2008 – Maribor airshow, Slovenia

2008 – CIAF, Brno, Czech republic

2009 – Zeltweg airshow, Austria

2009 – MAKS, Moscow, Russia

2009 – Axalp airshow, Switzerland

20 years, more than 25 airshows (I’m sure some skipped my memory) and looking forward to 2010 season. I’ll be adding some of the best shots from my collection to the blog in the future, aswell as my latest photography.

Let this blog start as a celebration to my airshow past and raise the glasses to the future!