I took a long deserved (and needed) holiday in April and the destination this time was the exotic Cuba.

Havana is a large city with population exceeding 2.5 million (out of Cuba’s total of 11 million). The parts of the city mostly visited and most interesting to the toursits are Vedado, Vieja and Central Habana.

A view of the city from the 14th-floor of my hotel

A closer look show a sorry state of buildings collapsing, dirt and filth covering the city,…

Havana’s kilometeres long prommenade – Malencon – in the morning blue light just before the sunrise. Again a closer look from the street shows bad state of most of the buildings along the sea front.

Though mostly deserted during the day, Malencon becomes quite active in the late afternoon and in the evening

Fortress at the entrance to the Havana’s bay once dettered the pirates from attacking the city.

People are trying to survive in a number of possible ways (average monthly salary is around 20$). This particular old man was making hats and ornaments from palm leaves.

‘Fieles a nuestra historia’ (True to our history) – there’s countless of such propaganda wall paintings all around the country – this one was taken outside the Museum of Revolution

A diorama of Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara, Cuban’s big martyrs, displayed in Musem of Revolution

Little Cuban girl, daughter of two ‘jineteros’ which lured us into a bar for good salsa (playing out of stereo) and excellent mojito (the most expencive and worst in Cuba)

Front entrance to Capitolio, probably the most markant building in Havana and possibly Cuba.

Capitolio was build in 1929 and resembles the Washington’s Capitol, though the later is smaller