After leaving Santa Clara we decided to visit the infamous Bay of Pigs and its main settlement Playa Giron. But in order to get there we had to play with Viazul bus connections and stayed in Cienfuegos for several hours.

First impression was very positive; people seemed nicer, there was almost no jineteros bugging us on streets, buildings seemed much more maintained compared to Santa Clara or Havana and its collonial buildings really made that tranquil feeling. The following photos were made in and around the main park Jose Marti (again)

One of the more impressing buildings in Cienfuegos Teatro Tomas Terry

I wonder if todays Cuba is what Marti had in mind more than 100 years ago

Lady Liberty accompanying Jose Marti in a hundred year struggle for independence.

Triumphal Arc – a reminder of Cuba’s declaration of Independence in 1902.

Cienfuegos Cathedral occupies most of the Eastern part of the Parque Jose Marti