Duxford Flying Legends is an anually held airshow at Duxford airfield, a famous WW2 airfield known especially for its role in the Battle of Britain – and since it was 70th anniversary of this famous battle this year, it would be a sin not to visit. This will be a multipart report, as are from my previous airshows so keep checking back for new updates.

A pair of Spitfires taking off at the beginning of the airshow

What a sight! 6 Spitfires of different marks officially open the airshow.

Spitfire Mk HFVIII


Spitfire Mk.XIX


Seafire F.XVII making really low departure – take notice of a shadow


Spitfire pass!!!




It’s a Messerschmitt!!! (actually a Spanish licence built 109 called HA1112 Buchon)


But with Spitfire on its tail, her fate is quickly sealed!