Yesterday, 22nd March 2011, Russian Prime Minister arrived to Slovenia for a formal visit (with Gazprom representatives you can imagine what was the main topic). Anyhow every time an interesting bird flies into the small Slovenia, aviation enthusiasts and spotters gather behind the fence of Ljubljana airport (LJU/LJLJ). I don’t like shooting photos of the flying “buses” (ie. airliners) as they are too boring and predictable for my style of photography but as a big Soviet/Russian aviation fan and as I had a day off work, it would be a sin to miss an opportunity to catch the Rossiya 1, Russian equvivalent of the US Air Force 1. All in all, 5 aircraft flew in for this event: transporter Il-76TM, 2x Tu-154M, Gazprom Falcon bussiness jet and last but not least, the presidental Ilyushin Il-96. Below is the photo story of yesterdays event.

It was a warm sunny spring day and some people took advantage of it


And while Police was checking that the big tele-lenses photographers used were not anti-aircraft missile launchers…


… the air traffic was continouing without any delays


Military was training its helicopter pilots with “Kralj Matjaz” Jet Ranger

Pilatus PC-9Ms were checking for any possible airspace violators


While the fireman had some training with using airborne assets with a trusty Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter (notice a trail of water from underneath the plane)…

…and Bell 412 with bambi bucket.


And then, after an hour of delay she arrived, the Il-96





Till the next time!