I travelled to Amsterdam for a couple of days with my friends last week. What is there to say about Amsterdam? Not much that you haven’t heard about already, I guess. One of the, if not THE most free minded city in the world wether it be race, religion, sexual orientation, hendonisit pleasures or anything else… everything is normal and accepted in A’dam. Except drinking on the street and urinating in public – don’t ask 😀

Enough of chit-chat

View of our hotel – quite narrow indeed and you have to be in good shape to walk those stairs up to 3rd floor a few times each day

Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle race… Queen had to visit Amsterdam for inspiration of their hit song Bicycle race. There are around 500.000 bicycles in the city.

A view of one of the many canals in the city. You have to admit architecture is quite interesting and so are the living boats beside the canals.

Another canal, another living boat and Montelbaans tower in the back ground. It was build in 1500’s and used as a defence tower, but now houses the City Water office, reponsible for nightly canal “flushes” to keep them clean. Murky green water is a result of algae and not filth.

Despite large numbers of tourists, daily life for locals goes on unobstructed… as seen by these two girls doing their make-up on the porch…

… and this gentleman enjoying the morning spring sun on his nicely decorated balcony

Delivery is important thing, as is beer – but beer delivery is of utmost importance 😀 Surely the bridge didn’t look it could support much more weight than a few cyclists and pedestrians…

Not everything (or everyone for that matter) is straight in A’dam. I wonder if construction workers were using some of the stuff that’s being sold now at the corner of this building 🙂 And no, it ain’t beer 😉

And last but not least, National Monument on the famous Dam square. commemorating casaulties of 2nd world war and casaultirs of war in general

Stay tuned for part 2!