Last year I took a different kind of summer vacation – visiting two airshows, one on each weekend and travelling around England in between, a country which I always wanted to explore.

First stop was Cambridge

Cambridge is a world famous university town and to tell you the truth, I fell in love with its laidback atmosphere.

Lovely houses like this one can be found on every street and are usually teahouses, inns, giftshops or pubs.

Stundents playing (very good I must say) on one of the central Cambridge streets

The entrance to the Great St. Mary – Univerity church. It dates from 1205 and perhaps the most interesting thing about it is, that the chime of its bells are used in the famous Big Ben clock tower at the Houses of Parliament in London.

Fences around Senate house remind more of a prison than a university building.

Relief map of the central Cambridge just in front of Great St. Mary church. All the inscriptons are in braille as well for the blind people – very thoughtful, though it’s a pity they can’t admire the architecture of the town.

One of the best ways to explore the university center is from the river Cam on punts – you can rent them or better yet, let one of the students earn a few pennies and they’ll tell you little stories about the buildings along the river.

King’s College Chapel and Gibb’s building – two of the oldest buildings at King’s College.

King’s College Chapel is one of the most imposant buildings along the river. Building started in 1446 on order by Henry VI as a counter part to the Eton College and was finished in 1515 under the rule of Henry VIII.

The so called Mathematical bridge connect’s two parts of Queen’s College. A popular myth says that the bridge was built by Sir Isaac Newton but reality is that Newton died 22 years before the bridge was built.

Trinity Hall college library was built in 1600s and is now used for storing manuscripts and rare books.

Neogothic New Court of St. John’s College – College alumni includes 9 Nobel prize winners, 6 Prime Ministers,  3 Archbishops, 3 saints and 2 princes.

Bridge of sighs built on the idea of a more famous Venetian one connecting different courts of St. John’s College.

Yeah right 😉

English man and especially women can be funny looking creatures 😀

Picturesque King’s parade full of gift shops, pubs and restaurants.

King’s College entrance wall.

Futuristic Corpus clock which was unvieled in 2008 by Stephen Hawking