After an afternoon in Cambridge and the next day at Duxford Flying Legends airshow, we took the road towards Oulton Broad at Lowestoft to visit a friend. The next morning, typical English weather greeted us (read rain) and made a visit to nearby Bungay aviation museum slightly unpleasant. After leaving we headed down towards South – a dash to the Channel šŸ™‚

Folkestone was not a place marked on our travelling map, but since we got a bargain accomodation and as it is near Dover, we spent a night here. There’s not much to say about this town really… Cliffs start here towards Dover but are not of the same white colour as structure is different. Of notice is the start of Eurotunnel below the Channel here at Folkestone.

A view of the Eastern part of the town from the Harbour.

A local and his “pets”

Boat scrapyard? Nope – just a low tide lets the boats sit in the puddle in the evening hours.

Pebbly beach

Not to get lost in the town – just follow the hedgehog šŸ™‚

Pubs… you gotta love ’em!

The only sandbeach an hours drive from London.

Interesting angle of a school playground – I wonder hot the kids play basketball here.

A couple more pubs in the blue light – I really have a soft spot for them