Next day greeted us with another typical state of weather, so commonf for England – FOG. On our way to Dover we made a short stop at Capel-le-Ferne (sounds French, doesn’t it?)

The reason for stopping at ClF was Battle of Britain Memorial – 2010 being the 70th anniversary of this historic and important battle. The site was opened in 1993 by the Queen Mother and was built on the location of  a WW2 coastal battery, overlooking the Channel.

Famous Churchill’s words that earned the BoB pilots the nickname “The Few”

Bob the dog – a statue of squadron dog.

Hawker Hurricane replica

Supermarine Spitfire replica

The Wall – names of more than 3.000 airman that fought in the Battle of Britain are written on it.

A pilot statue with crests of all the fighter squadrons that fought in BoB carved in stone piedestal.

A view of the cliffs from the memorial site.

Google Maps satellite view of the memorial site, with pilot statue in the middle of the propeller and the Wall at the NE corner