What is there to say about Moscow? Capital of Russia, with population of over 11 million, 7th largest city in the world and the largest in Europe and with 79 billionares, the “wealthiest” city in the world. It is also one of the most expencive cities in the world (don’t be surprised to pay around 10eur for a small glass of beer in the center). City of big contrasts, rich history and really worth visiting – Moscow!

A view of the Kremlin from the Patriarshy Bridge

The mighty Cathedral of Christ the Savior – the building was  built between 1839 and 1883 and destroyed in 1931. The cathedral was rebuilt on the same spot as original between 1994 and 1997.

Another view of the Cathedral from the nearby park.

Dostoyevski’s monument in front of the National library of the Lenin name, contrasting some old gone era compared with the neon signs in the background.

Hero cities of the Great Patriotic war monument (WW2) by the Kremlin’s West wall. Each of the boxes contains soil from the dedicated city.

Eternal flame burning at the Tomb of an unknown soldier, dedicated to the fallen in World War 2.

“For the fallen soldiers who fought for their homeland 1941-1945”

Marshal Zhukov, who concquered Berlin in 1945, now proudly guards the Square of Revolution and entrance to the world famous Red Square.

Northern Kremlin wall with Spasskaya tower at the front and Watch tower at the back with grey dome of Senate building visible, home to Russian President administration.

Kazan Cathedral in the NorthEastern corner of Red Square was built in 1636 but was destroyed in 1936 under Stalin’s orders. After the collapse of Soviet union, it was the first church to be rebuilt in the period of 1990-1993.

A view of Red Square with Kremlin on the right side and Gum commercial center on the left. Unfortunately, this year it was cluttered with fences and construction material, the square being prepared for some events at the end of August and early September.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is probably the most iconic Moscow building featureing the distinctive onion domes. It was built between 1555 and 1561 under commision by Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) and was almost demolished by Stalin in 1930s.