Timanfaya National park is located on the Western part of the island and covers around 50 square kilometers of volcanic landscape.

“El Diablo” is the symbol of the park, made by Cesar Manrique who made many Lanzarotian statues and POIs.

Upon entering the gates of National Park, you’re greeted to the amazing landscape of volcanoes and it’s products 🙂

Slowly approaching the visitors center inside the park, be prepared to wait in queues as there’s limited available parking. The building itself reminded me of Jabba the Hutt’s palace 😀

Reaching the visitors center, you can board a bus and take the tour through the park and experience the volcanic processes up close and personal.

One of the lava pillars you can see enroute.

Lava fields extending kilometers and kilometers…

Only the distant views of Atlantic Ocean can convince you, you’re not visiting planet Mars.

A view of one of the bigger craters at Timanfaya.

Another volcano crater with a view of visitors center in the background.

You can taste volcanic chicken in restarurant El Diablo in the visitors center, grilled on hot air coming from the Timanfaya’s active underground.

A view of the road from the park towards Yaiza, crossing the lava fields.