If you want to escape the skin burning sun or just relax Lanzarote has some attractions where you will find some shade and natural piece of tranquility.

Rancho Texas park is a small ZOO near Puerto del Carmen. Very modern and very nice getaway for whole family and nature/animal lovers. It’s main attractions are White Tigers, Parrot show and my favorite, the Birds of prey show.

Lanzarote Aquarium

While it cannot be comapred to the biggers ones, like the one in Tenerife, this aquarium is rather small, focused mainly on sealife living in the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Canary Islands.

Parque Tropical

There are supposed to be more than 1000 spieces of different animals in this park though most of it consists of birds from all around the world – from tiny ones to the big ostriches. Quite a lot of them are placed in the aviarys where they fly freely while you walk among them.