Glastonbury is a small town in Somerset, some 40km south of Bristol. Probably most famous by its music festival but offers the visitors a lot more.

Probably the most famous tourist attraction is the ruins of its medieval abbey. Glastonbury Abbey was built in 7th century and enlarged in 10th.

The end of the G. Abbey came in 1539 with the Dissolution of Monstaeries and its last Abbot hanged and quartered on Glastonbury Tor after defying King’s orders.

There is also quite a number of myths surrounding this town. One of them is that in 1191 monks in the Abbey found graves of legendary King Arthur and its Queen Guinevere. Their remains were latter moved and lost.

One of the Abbey’s arched gateways

Cleriks had to eat somewhere and here is the preserved Abott’s Kitchen

Other myths surrounding Glastonbury are it’s the place of mythical island Avalon and even that Abbey was built to house the Holy Grail. Seeing the Tor in the background certainly makes this place mystical.

Anyway Glastonbury appeared to me like some gothic/mystical fans dream town. Full of thematic shops, bookshops and filled with mystical energy, it is also a center of Neopagan beliefs. If you like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, you’d certainly enjoy this place! Last view of the tower, that is the only thing that remains of St. Michels church on top of Tor.