We are greeted by Saab Safir trainer and Draken fighter at the front of the museum – there’s 5 Drakens there! And you can even sit in the cockpit of this one with little luck!


Passing the little gift shop at the entrance we are greeted with this view – didn’t even know Austrian AF used Yak-18s.


Texan – thousands of military pilots across the globe earned their wings on this legendary trainer.


A fairly recent addition to the museum as JetRangers were retired only a few years ago.


Saab J-29 Tunnan – the ‘Flying Barrel’ was fast and agile little fighter – besides Sweden, Austria was the only export operator of the type. Notice how similar the shape is to MiG-15 and F-86 – seems like they all copied their designs from someone 😉


Austrocontrol Air Traffic Controllers position – the inscription says from 1999 till today, but I can safely say till 2013, as right these days, Austrocontrol is moving to a new place which will certainly have more modern workplace and stripless enviroment.


Another Draken! Futuristic shapes of this fighter jet set it apart from any other design of that era – hard to imagine it is a 1955 design!!!


Cessna O-1 Bird Dog was a light liasion and observation aircraft that served in various theaters around the globe, especially by the US Army in Vietnam. One even has a record of landing on US carrier USS Midway!


The end of Draken’s career in Austrian Air Force brought us these two special schemes.

11H-13 Sioux – probably world known for its part in the M*A*S*H TV-series


A bit tight in space but defintely worth a visit with many interesting exhibits!