This year’s Airpower was unfortunately nothing spectacular – the list of participants is more or less the same each time but that shouldn’t distract all the true aviation lovers out there. Photography wise the conditions were moderate to awful, with most of the day, sun blocked by clouds, creating that weird lightning where all the colors look pale and grey aircraft blend with the cloudy background. The result is fewer photos than normal, and I rather enjoyed the show sitting and relaxing and enjoying the company of my friends! And it was great!

In the following days, I will try to show you some of the highlights that were captured with my Nikon in thematic posts.


The show was opened by a trio of PC-6s dropping water in the colors of Austrian flag.


Typhoon taxiing to apron after an initial short show opening display.


Blackhawks displayed special units insertion and rapelling.


Still serving on, the venerable Saab 105ÖE in Tiger scheme.


Typhoon’s solo display started with a steep climb in full afterburner.


Soon followed by inverted flight.


Loud high-AoA flight!



Turning and burning

z110Note the exhaust stain over the wing where APU exhaust port is located.