Everyone who knows me knows, that I am in love with the North. Be it nature, mentality or history, I just love northern countries. Unfortunately so far, I’ve only visited Finland’s capital Helsinki, but this year I just had to do something about it. And September’s trip to Sweden sounded better and better. So the plane tickets were bought, rental car and hostels reserved and all we had to do was wait for the date to arrive. And plan a little bit in the meantime. As we were traveling on the budget so to speak, Ryanair’s offer of 290EUR for two persons and one 15kg piece of luggage from Rijeka airport on Krk island, Croatia to Stockholm Skavsta airport sounded like a good deal. We chose a Herz “mystery car” option which was again the cheapest option (Sweden ain’t exactly a budget friendly country to be honest).


Rijeka airport terminal screams for renewal – it’s still the same as it was built several decades ago and using the airport toilets is a daring adventure to be honest.

sw03If you think airport runways are completely flat surfaces you are wrong – as evident on this photo, they’re quite curvy to say the least.

sw04After departing runway 14 we headed runway heading in South-East direction to gain some altitude before right procedural turn towards North. Adriatic coast with towns of Crikvenica and Selce (where I spent many childhood summer vacations).

sw05Slight cloud cover prevented a good shot of Rijeka port yet Bakar bay was clearly visible directly below us.

sw06I’ve flown many times but never before had such beautiful views of my home village Breg and Jablaniška dolina valley.

sw07A beautiful view of Zasavje region of Slovenia with Zagorje, Trbovlje and Hrastnik towns seen from top to bottom.

sw08Further in the distance we could see Ljubljana airport with Domžale, Mengeš and Kamnik visible at the bottom with Kranj at the top. Unfortunately as soon as we exited Slovenian airspace, clouds got denser and soon it was overcast weather that remained such until landing in Sweden.

sw09As we were descending through the thick cloud layer, I just hoped there’s no fog at the destination and that I would catch at least a glimpse of Baltic. And I got lucky as a hole opened up in the milky white, revealing dark grey Baltic sea covered with small islands battered by white foamed waves.

sw10As we were approaching Runway 26 at Skavsta airport, such vivid dramatic sights accompanied our descend.

sw11Welcome to Skavsta!