Following a good night’s rest at Göteborg’s hostel, we headed north. First to satisfy my aviation needs, we visited Göteborgs Aeroseum (which will be presented in a separate post) and then headed north through West coast archipelago.

s082Just to visualize 3rd day’s trip. I have to admit, a tour of Aeroseum took (unsurprisingly) longer than planned, which meant we were on a rush a bit. 

002We exited the highway E6 towards Oslo at Stenungsund and joined the road E160 which runs through some of the fjords and archipelago islands. As all the islands on this road are connected with bridges, this was the fastest, cheapest and most convenient way to get some of the West coast feel. And the first bridge we had to cross was Tjörnbron. The bridge is 664m long and was built in 1981, after its predecessor was hit by a ship and destroyed.

001The rest place near the bridge is tidy as everything in Sweden and offers nice views of the archipelago. Weather, as you can see, was pretty marginal, but at least it was dry.


004Scenery was simply amazing and these few photos can hardly describe the beauty of it while driving through. On the other hand, being a driver most often than not prevents me to take more photos while it is true, by the Murphy’s law, that when you spot something really beautiful, you can’t stop anyway.

003As we exited E6 highway again headed towards the coast, low clouds we hanging over our destination. Will we ever experience some sunny weather other than while driving?

009After we’ve parked above the village, we descended by the main street down to the shore, accompanied by such cosy looking wooden houses.

s105Fjällbacka was a favorite summer retreat for Hollywood famous Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. The town named the main square after her and erected this statue in her memory.

007Another view of the Ingrid’s “park” – the huge granite wall above the village was full of little waterfalls due to the past days rainfall. At least something 🙂

008And finally, a view of the village from the sea. I guess it would be much more picturesque if the skies would be blue and the sun was shining. But I still like this photo for its dark murky colours.

After Fjällbacka, we were rushing back south to Uddevalla, then east and again north by the EU’s largest lake Vänern, towards Karlstadt. And we reached the reception in the last minutes before closing.