This trip was one of the best in our lives and if we would have to pick a day, that was the best, it was this one.

001After a good night’s sleep in a camp just outside of Karlstad, we awoke into a misty morning, but rising sun dealt with it efficiently, clearing the skies fast.

002While I am used to slim birch trees from Slovenia, these huge ones were quite a sight.

003As we were approaching the shore of lake Vänern, sun rays carpeted the forest’s floor for us.

004Another surprise – every forest we walked through, still had some blueberries left. While they are gone quite soon after they are ripe, in Slovenia, they linger for quite a bit longer in Scandinavia as it seems.


005 Red granite, pure clean water, fresh air – tranquility! Lake Vänern is largest Swedish and EU lake and third largest in Europe. Despite being mid September, the water was actually quite warm.

s1194th day ride was the shortest and we embraced that fact when we reached our destination early

008Rest stops by the roads and highways are all tidy and clean and more often than not provide great scenic views.

007Our ride that week was the new Ford Fiesta 1.2 which served us well and best of all, with average consumption of just over 5L per 100km proved economic as well.

009Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge lies near the town of Skinnskatteberg. It is a complex of twelve wooden, earth covered huts that replicate the huts in which the charcoal makers lived in the past.

0012Everything is ecological here and everything gets recycled – even poop! There’s no electricity in the camp and the only running water is the small creek, which is used for basic cleaning and washing of everything – including yourselves. And the water is drinkable, as is in the lake nearby.

0011Huts are lighted by candles, paths get lighted by torches at night, and if you want to start the fire, you have to chop your own wood and bring it to the hut. Same goes for sauna.

010There’s also a boat you can use in the nearby lake. As it was raining for a few days, we first had to drain the water out before I flexed the muscles and took my wife for a boat ride.

0014As we were the only guests at the time in the camp, the whole experience could really be called ‘one with the nature’; and it is incredible, especially if you are an outgoing type.

0013After a few session in floating sauna and kneipp dips in the lake, we went to our hut, where I made the fire, while my wife prepared the dinner. Despite sleeping on hard “beds” and the resulting sleep wasn’t the greatest, I woke up happy and calm.

0015And as I put my head outside of the hut, sun rays were piercing through forest – just beautiful.

0016It felt like they were following me all the way through the camp.

0017It is a small establishment yet everything is marked nice and precise.

0018Morning walk towards the lake was refreshing to say the least and we scarred a few squirrels along the way 😀

0020And the day was emerging in all its beauty.

0019Floating sauna rested on the calm lake Skärsjön.

0021And we just said goodbye to the tranquility and serendipity of this magical place.