We might be a small country with even less people, but if we are good at making something, it’s got to be world class athletes. Anže Kopitar is undoubtedly the greatest athlete coming from our little nation. Started to play ice hockey when he was of little age, he advanced quickly, moved to Sweden as a teenager and soon got drafted in NHL by LA Kings team. He immediately proved his worth and has since become one of the best NHL players with high praises from different ice hockey experts, Wayne Gretzky being one of them.

Anže’s view of the ice field is unlike any others and he finished this years play-offs as top scoring player with 26 points in 26 games. His statistic are at the bottom of this page.


One of the first to arrive to the ‘crime scene’ was one of Anže’s biggest fans from his hometown.


The crowd slowly started to gather as the time of arrival was nearing…


Well we are mistaken for Slovakia a lot, and no, we were not waiting for Gaborik to appear – but as this season showed, Slovakian Gaborik (12) and Slovenian Kopitar (11) proved themselves as a very effective goal scoring team.


…and the King has landed. 12 minutes early from Frankfurt.


A small stand was set up for fans to buy some clothing souvenirs from Anže’s Eleven line.


The gathered crowd was full of anticipation…


Media was of course present as well…


Lots of kids in first battle lines waiting for a glimpse of their hero.

ak11_9 ak11_10

…and probably the youngest Kopitar’s fan!

ak11_19Of course no celebration in Slovenia can happen without some traditional music and as the band started to play Avsenik’s world famous classic, which could also be our anthem…


… the ‘Kopistar’ walked through the arrivals doors.

ak11_12 ak11_13

And being jumped by cameraman and photographers… literally!


Visibly tired Kopitar had to wait for the band to stop playing…


introductions… like they were necessary 😀


300 something crowd cheering!


And after a short speech, Kopitar thanked all the fans for sleepless nights during playoffs and continued support of him and his team and announced arrival of Stanley Cup to Slovenia on 13th July!

ak11_18And the little one found his mommy in the end 😉

Anže Kopitar

NHL Playoff stats

26 games
26 points
5 goals
21 assists

46 shots
21:13 TOI/G
53,1 FO%