Leaving the Orsa Björnpark at around 2pm, we headed back south via Falun to the university town of Uppsala.



On our way to Uppsala we stopped at the ski-jump arena above Falun and also the location of Sabaton’s own metal festival Rockstadt Falun.

upp2Uppsala is soaked with history, especially from Viking times and traces of it could be found all over the city. Even the post office carries the All-fathers name.

upp3Trees and flowers decorate the lazy Fyrisan river, which runs through the center of Uppsala and is named after long gone marshlands in the vicinity where big viking battle for swedish throne took place in 984.

upp4Some old and interesting building on the banks of Fyrisan. At first I thought it has something to do with Satanists, but then noticed there’s 1 before 666.

upp5The big Uppsala cathedral (Domkyrka), one of the two main landmarks of this small swedish town.

upp6Walkway around the Cathedral has Viking rune stones erected on the grass, nine of them if I remember correctly, all found in the vicinity.

upp7The front of Domkyrka with its tall towers, which can be seen from far away.

upp8Between the Gustavarium and University there’s a small park which is home for more than 20 rune stones, some of them very interesting.

upp9Front view of the main university building through its park – many kings and world known scientists learned their trades behind those walls…

upp10…Celsius and Linne probably being the most famous.upp18If the cathedral is one major landmark, Uppsala fortress is definitely the second!


Huge defensive tower awaits the visitors that approach the fortress from the city center.

upp13Military (and Scandinavian) tidiness are present all around. Small water basin in the court is the only decoration outside of the fort.

upp12These guns are not coincidently aiming for the cathedral. King Gustav Vasa placed the cannons and threatened to destroy the cathedral in dispute with clerics. Needles to say, the king won the argument.

upp14The gun decoration with king Gustav III. crest – he ruled Sweden from 1771 till 1792.

upp15Beautiful gardens on the western side behind the fortress.

upp16Bust of Gustav 1. of Vasa family standing high, supported by 4 cannon barells.

upp17Southern Gate of the fortress – supposedly following the road through this door, took you directly to the Stockholm.