Tolmin gorges are one of those hidden and often overlooked pearls of our little country. Well they are not grand like Grand Canyon for example, but it’s the little things that more often than not grow to your heart.

You can get to these gorges by foot from Tolmin following the Tolminka river or alternatively drive there by car.


While the published route is marked in counter clockwise direction, clockwise one is much easier to walk. A view from the road down into the emerald abyss.


Following the road, you will reach the tunnel in about 10 minutes with the Devil’s bridge just around the corner.

tolmin3 tolmin4

Two views from the 60 meters high Devil’s bridge.


“1000 steps” descent towards the Tolmin gorges.

tolmin6 tolmin7

Bear’s head – a triangular rock stuck between the rocky slopes of the canyon.

tolmin8 tolmin9 tolmin10


tolmin11 tolmin12 tolmin13 tolmin14

Thermal water spring

tolmin15 tolmin16

Conjunction of Zadlaščica and Tolminka rivers.

tolmin17Emerald waters with Devil’s bridge in the background.