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Prague in the evening

If you are following my blog, you have probably noticed that I love taking evening shots in the so-called ‘blue light’. Here’s a few shots of Prague shot in those conditions.


Everybody’s waiting for the night…


Panorama view of Hradcani with Charles Bridge with clouds and lights reflecting in Vltava river.


Hradcani castle with cathedral.


A tower on the bank of Vltava river with Hradcani in the background.


The Dancing House or ‘Fred and Ginger’ as it is affectionately known, resembles a pair of dancers.


Prague on foot

Prague, Praha, Praga,…


I first visited Prague in 2005 as a part of my ATC training and lived there for a month. It was love at first sight – beautiful architecture, nice prices, excellent beer, good food and relaxed atmosphere. I have returned there a few more times – following photos are from May 2014.

As there are quite a few photos I’d like to share with you, please click on the first of the thumbnails and then browse, either by clicking on the arrows on the sides of the photos, or by using arrow keys on your keyboard.