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Thunderbolt and lightning…

Today, Slovenia experienced some heavy thunderstorms. Luckily, the region where I live, didn’t suffer hail or heavy downpours but just after the sunset, we were witness to some spectacular atmospheric discharges, resulting in a spectacular natural fireworks in the form of lightnings. I have caught just the end of the show, so here are just a few photos that I managed to take before the end of it.

And a perfect song to go with the photos:

Winter night

I love winter! I adore winter! I prefer cold over heat. That’s maybe why I’d rather go on vacation to some Scandinavian country instead of tropics. And of course there’s nothing more “sacred” for me, than the arrival of the first snow of the season. It happened this Saturday and it was snowing into the night throughout most of the country. Yesterday, the skies cleared eventually and while this meant that most of the heavy snow in the lowlands is gonna melt, the one higher up will definitely remain for a while. So as I went to sleep sometime past 11pm and looked through the window, I just knew I had to take shot.

cobra-1-2Click on the photo for bigger resolution!


Kranj in the evening




Tolmin Gorges

Tolmin gorges are one of those hidden and often overlooked pearls of our little country. Well they are not grand like Grand Canyon for example, but it’s the little things that more often than not grow to your heart.

You can get to these gorges by foot from Tolmin following the Tolminka river or alternatively drive there by car.


While the published route is marked in counter clockwise direction, clockwise one is much easier to walk. A view from the road down into the emerald abyss.

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Postcards from spring Bled

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Or how the Metaldays site looks in early spring when not occupied by thousands of metalheads from all over the world.

Since the above mentioned heavy metal festival is taking place in one of the most beautiful places in our country, dare I say Europe or World, and since I took my wife for a little trip, which took us to Tolmin, where the festival (previously known as Metalcamp) is taking place for more than a decade, it was quite interesting to visit the place where we have enjoyed our summer days so many times in the past.

Here’s how the site looks at the moment:

01Remember the walk down the path to the main beach? Missing in this photo is a bar on the right and topless women playing badminton!

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Winter is my favorite time of the year, and the more snow the merrier. Yesterday’s afternoon hike destination was Tamar glacier valley. We parked our car at Planica ski jumping parking and then proceeded by foot on a snow covered road to the Tamar mountain cabin. Here’s a few shots from the hike.

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Always remember, a fallen soldier…

Always remember, a fallen soldier
Always remember, fathers and sons at war
Always remember, a fallen soldier
Always remember, buried in history

Sabaton, 40:1

Visiting  places like these, always brings back some Sabaton songs, singing about the war and the soldiers that never came home. Soca valley was the place of “Isonzo front” during the World War 1 and anyone visiting this place today, has a hard time believing how nearly a hundred years ago, Austro-Hungarian, German and Italian armies were fighting eachother over one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys. Even today, the valley is ful of war artefacts and from time to time they still find unexploded munitions. Unfortunately each war comes with casaulties and the pictures below show Austro-Hungarian graveyard which became final resting place of 546 soldiers, who gave their lives during the last AH assault on Italian lines and pushed them up to Piave river.

Hear the sound of a machinegun
Hear it echo in the night
Mortals firing rains the scene
Scars the fields
that once were green

It’s a stalemate at the frontline
where the soldiers rest in mud
roads and houses
all is gone
there is no glory to be won


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Kriška gora is a 5km mountain range above the place I live, spanning from cabin at Kriška gora (1.471m) in the West to the Tolsti vrh peak (1.715m) in the East. Hike is not too difficult but can be pretty steep at some places. Starting from Golnik, you need about an hour to reach the small village of Gozd, where the slopes of Kriška gora greet you upon exiting forest path. There you decide wether to proceed inbound cabin (lots of people do, as they have great food) or continue East inbound Tolsti vrh. We decided to take this route and after a couple of hours reached the peak. I have to say it was the last beautiful day of Autumn that day, with temperatures in 20C range and such hike was very pleasant.


The slopes of Tolsti vrh greet you with beautiful views which only get better the higher you go.

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Bohinj with its lake and surrounding mountains has become one of my favorite places in our country and I’m returning there quite often. A week ago we spent 3 beautiful days there and here’s a few snapshots.

Generous ammounts of rain have generated a true mushroom boom these days.

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