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Stavanger: Sverd i fjell

After our hike to Preikestolen, we finally arrived to our camping cottage in the middle of Stavanger. After a quick shower and cloths change, we decided it would be nice to buy somewhere a bottle or can of beer (hell, we have deserved it!) and enjoy the well deserved rest. Well, we had no such luck – stores were already closed and petrol stations, unlike in most of the Europe, don’t sell any kind of alcohol beverages. Alright, a lesson learned but at least we visited a Sverd i fjell monument. This has to be one of the coolest Viking monuments ever – uncovered in 1983 by King Olav V, the monument commemorates the battle of Hafrsfjord that took place in 872. In that battle, King Harald Fairhair emerged victorious and joined several smaller kingdoms under his banner, first move in uniting the Norwegian kingdoms. Swords are more than 10m high and are planted in the rock by the shore. The highest sword (and most adorned) is representing King Harald’s while the slightly smaller and plainer ones are of two defeated petty kings. After paying respect to my spiritual ancestors, it was time to head back to the cottage. I apologize to my friends who had to wait in the chilly evening for the “perfect” blue light. 🙂

We might be a small country with even less people, but if we are good at making something, it’s got to be world class athletes. Anže Kopitar is undoubtedly the greatest athlete coming from our little nation. Started to play ice hockey when he was of little age, he advanced quickly, moved to Sweden as a teenager and soon got drafted in NHL by LA Kings team. He immediately proved his worth and has since become one of the best NHL players with high praises from different ice hockey experts, Wayne Gretzky being one of them.

Anže’s view of the ice field is unlike any others and he finished this years play-offs as top scoring player with 26 points in 26 games. His statistic are at the bottom of this page.


One of the first to arrive to the ‘crime scene’ was one of Anže’s biggest fans from his hometown.

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Some photo work of last months…

It’s been a while since my last post and I won’t bother you with excuses – fact is I was quite busy photography wise in the last several months. I am working for leading Slovenian rock webzine Rockline.si as a journalist and photographer and here are some of my galleries from the past months

Ater Era, Nocturnal Depression, Make a Change, Kill Yourself…


Decapitated, Children of Bodom


Innergate, Tristania, Dark Tranquility


Condemnatio Christi, Chtonic, Satyricon


Vlado Kreslin


Animalhouse, Iron Median


Besides this, I also took part as official photographer for the Golden Flight Level 2014. GFL could be called a week long winter holidays for Air Traffic Controllers from all around the world. Slovenia was hosting the event this year and I took thousands upon thousands of photos at the end of January, both on the ski slopes, X-cross race track and parties and concerts through the week.



But worry not as of next week, I will continue the photo story of our roadtrip around Sweden…

Happy New Year 2014