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Swiss Air Force uses 11 AS532UL Cougars (military designation for Super Puma) for troop and cargo transport. Despite being a fairly large transport helicopter, Swiss Air Force display team year after year shows the versatility and agility of this helicopters on airshows home and abroad. On this practice day, they made a couple of routines though unfortunately only the first one involved their signature flare drop.

The following photos were taken on Tuesday, October 6th 2015.

EC-635 at Axalp 2015

Eurocopter EC-635 (now Airbus Helicopters H135M) is a military version of the popular EC-135 helicopter. Swiss Air Force is the only European user of this variant. It is a multi-role helicopter used for anything from troop transport and reconnaissance to search and rescue ops and cargo transport. EC635s replaced Alouette IIIs in Swiss Air Force and most of them were built at RUAG plant at Alpnach.

EC-635’s role at Axalp fliegerschissen is surveillance of the shooting range as well as search and rescue.

The following photos were taken on Tuesday, October 6th 2015.

MAKS2011 – Static Pt.2

Myasichev M-55 Geofizika

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MAKS2011 – Airbus A380

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Cuba finale

All beautiful things come soon to an end and so did our Cuba trip. For my last post, I’ve decided to show you some interesting and/or mostly funny things we’ve experienced over there… You have to bare in mind that Cuba was and still is largely isolated from the Western world and most of the people are poor… but still – you have to see it to beileve it.

Most modern MTB frame in Cuba… πŸ™‚ but I’ve seen some full-suspension ones as well… but primitive compared to the bikes we ride in Europe or basicly elsewhere…

From time to time, you can spot a strange vehicle on the road – unfortunately too late to have a better shot but this bus reminded me of the old Serbian movie “Ko to tamo peva?” and all I was missing was “Krstic i sin” logo painted on the side of it… The bus was missing the engine covers as well… The yellow things you see at the front are Coco-taxis – motorbike taxis for two people…

Che is watching you everywhere in Cuba – literally

Cuban electricity standard – I guess their electricians must be acrobats and puzzle solvers as well to work on such gems.

There is no hot running water in Cuba, apart from the hotels. So people mount electrical water heaters in the showers – it was kind of scarring looking at those exposed 110V/220V wires running centimeters from running water while having a shower… after a few days we got used to being so close to death – anyway at least we’d die clean πŸ˜€

Rowing to Florida? Probably not, but these two local fisherman probably can’t afford a new boat so they made their “floating” device from pieces lying around…

Weird angle of photo? Nope… Weird angle of truck – it is driving straight towards me, just got twisted a bit… But until it still runs, it’s good for the road.

Poor mans bus – trucks like these are driving all around Cuba taking locals for a few pesos along…

Shock in the departure hall of the Havana airport – there are rows and rows of world flags hang below the ceiling, but in the first one, by an unknown coincidence, Slovenian flag is making company to the Cuban one – I guess we are popular there πŸ™‚

Bended wing of the A330 on our flight back to Madrid – Boeing is just making lemons into lemonade since 1916 πŸ™‚

Last view of our Airbus after landingΒ …

USAF MC-130 Hercules

USAF KC-135R Stratotanker

Royal New Zealand AF Boeing 757

Airbus A400M – 2nd prototype

First public performance of the new Airbus transporter