It’s been a while since my last post and I won’t bother you with excuses – fact is I was quite busy photography wise in the last several months. I am working for leading Slovenian rock webzine as a journalist and photographer and here are some of my galleries from the past months

Ater Era, Nocturnal Depression, Make a Change, Kill Yourself…

Decapitated, Children of Bodom

Innergate, Tristania, Dark Tranquility

Condemnatio Christi, Chtonic, Satyricon

Vlado Kreslin

Animalhouse, Iron Median

Besides this, I also took part as official photographer for the Golden Flight Level 2014. GFL could be called a week long winter holidays for Air Traffic Controllers from all around the world. Slovenia was hosting the event this year and I took thousands upon thousands of photos at the end of January, both on the ski slopes, X-cross race track and parties and concerts through the week.


But worry not as of next week, I will continue the photo story of our roadtrip around Sweden…