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Pilatus PC-21 at Axalp 2015

Pilatus PC-21 follows a long line of light advanced prop-driven trainer aircraft coming from this Swiss manufacturer. Swiss Air Force uses 8 of these modern aircraft. Powered by a 1.600shp version of PT6 engine and equipped with glass-cockpit, HOTAS and 0-0 ejection seats, it enables the new pilots to transfer to jet fighters without the need to train in jet trainers first. On practice day, PC-21 flew a few of the display routines.

The following photos were taken on Tuesday, October 6th 2015.

Swiss Air Force uses 11 AS532UL Cougars (military designation for Super Puma) for troop and cargo transport. Despite being a fairly large transport helicopter, Swiss Air Force display team year after year shows the versatility and agility of this helicopters on airshows home and abroad. On this practice day, they made a couple of routines though unfortunately only the first one involved their signature flare drop.

The following photos were taken on Tuesday, October 6th 2015.

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