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Conservation Hangar


Bristol Blenheim in the works.

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On my trip around England, I’ve stumbled upon this museum unexpectedly, recommended and guided to, by my editor Jay and one of the co-writers for the Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine, Brian. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck with weather as it was pouring outside, so we decided to visit the nearby pub and wait until the rain stops over a couple of pints… After an hour or so, weather remained soaky wet and since there was a long drive ahead of us,  we decided to get wet and see the exhibits anyway…

Google Maps pic of the museum


Sea Vixen FAW.1 once ruled the decks of Royal Navy carriers.


Another ’50s fighter – French Air Force Mystere IVA


It was the first time I saw the Javelin and oh my, what a big bird it is – reminded me of a fighter version of the Vulcan bomber.


Meteor was one of the first British jet fighters – and still looking good!


War Trophy from the Falklands war in 1982 – Argentinian Pucara


There are numbers of exhibits in hangar as well, but due to the lack of time, bad lightning and cramped exhibitis, I took only a few photos… but defintely worth visiting though…

Sea Harrier FA.2, upgraded from FRS.1 sporting the Argie Dagger kill from Falklands war


For full list of exhibits, visit the museum webpage: