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Axalp je majhna vasica, ki leži nad Brienzom v osrednji Švici na nadmorski višini 1535m. Če pa omenite besedo Axalp letalskim navdušencem, pa se le-tem zasvetijo oči. V neposredni bližini te idlične vasice namreč leži vojaški poligon, kjer vsako leto prva dva tedna v oktobru potekajo vaje njihovega letalstva, kjer piloti z letali F-5E Tiger II in F-18C Hornet napadajo tarče s topovi. Vsa stvar ne bi bila nič posebnega, če se cela zadeva ne bi dogajala na nadmorski višini približno 2.200m, cel poligon pa obdajajo vrhovi, ki krepko presegajo višino 3.000m. V drugem tednu vaj, pa v sredo in četrtek pripravijo celo čisto pravi visokogorski letalski miting.

Axalp is a little village, lying in the hills South of Brienz in Switzerland at 1.535 of altitude. If you mention the word “Axalp” to any aviation fan, you’ll see their eyes widen and they’ll heart beat will rise. In the proximity of this little idilic mountain village lies a military range, where in first two weeks of October each year, Swiss Air Force trains and uses targets on the ground for gun attack practices with F-5 Tiger II and F-18 Hornet jet fighters. The training wouldn’t be anything special if the whole thing wouldn’t be happening high in the Alps with targets at 2.200m and surrounded by much highter 3.000m+ mountains. And they even prepare an afternoon airshow on Wednesday and Thursday on the second week of the exercises.

Zemljevid območja, na katerem potekajo vaje.
Map of the training area.

Bohinj with its lake and surrounding mountains has become one of my favorite places in our country and I’m returning there quite often. A week ago we spent 3 beautiful days there and here’s a few snapshots.

Generous ammounts of rain have generated a true mushroom boom these days.

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Stonehenge doesn’t need much of an introduction. One of the world’s most popular prehistoric sites and one of the wonders of the world. Of course visiting England, Stonehenge couldn’t be missed and whatever you may think of it, there is something magic and mistycal about it. There’s more than enough reading about this topic on the internet so if you’d like to learn more, be my guest. Here’s how I saw the mystical Stonehenge that summer day.

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Trapped under Ice – Bled

Some people hate low temperatures but I think you have to cherrish the Nature, not matter how it manifests itself. Very low temperatures of the past weeks caused the Bled lake to freeze and hey – how many times do you have a chance to walk to the lake’s island? Pics were taken this Friday evening.

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Krnica Valley in Autumn HDR

Krnica Valley can be found near Kranjska Gora, just by the Russian road to Vrsic pass. Park your car somewhere between lakes Jasna and the bridge over Pišnica river and take a hike on a gravel path just before crossing the bridge. You are greeted with a nice and easy one hour walk from bridge to the Mountain hut Krnica at 1.113m. Most of the time, you’re greeted with fabolous views of Razor, Prisojnik and Škrlatica mountains surrounding the valley. Since you are walking towards the south, you’re facing the sun most of the time, so I’ve decided for playing a bit with five step exposure HDR photography.

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