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After a late afternoon and evening visit to the center of Stockholm and a good night’s sleep in the prison, it was time to hit the road. What lay ahead of us was the longest leg of our road trip. Driving down in approximately South-West direction we passed a number of “köpings” – word that can be equated to “burg” as in Edinburgh, Hamburg, etc.

000One of those places was also Norrköping, home of the SAAB corporation, probably most known for the cars, but also a rather large aviation manufacturer and so driving down south by the town, we were greeted by pairs of aircraft posted on the display by the highway – Tunnan, Lansen, Draken and Viggen could all be seen as well as Safir, 105 and if I am not mistaken Saab 340. Halfway through our leg, we reached Sweden’s second biggest lake – Vättern.

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After an hours drive from Skavsta Airport at Nyköping we arrived to our hostel at Stockholm. As I always like to try something different I chose the Langholmen hostel, which is in fact an ex-prison converted to less sinister use these days. Langholmen was the largest Swedish prison and was in use until 1976. A fact that it had its parking lot was significant as well.

s201Front view of the prison hostel. Besides the rooms/cells, there’s also a restaurant and prison museum on site.

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