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A flight to Sweden


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Velika Planina

You are in the middle of the winter, a shitload of bad weather behind you and the forecast predicts a chance of sun in the Alps – what to do? Pack the gear, skis and drive to the mountains of course. Destination this Sunday (suitable name, ain’t it :)) was Velika Planina at Kamnisko-Savinjske Alpe. Small mainly family oriented skiing resort in the winter and idilic cow shepherds villages during the rest of year.

Upon arriving at the upper station of cable-car, such a view greeted us and promissed a great day on the snow.

Throught the desert of Seth… 😉 I’m in love with snow and cold, I can’t help myself

A view towards the beautiful snow covered mountains in the North.

Some were enjoying skiing…

…while others were enjoying the view of milky seas below us

One of the shepherd’s villages covered in snow…

…and baking in the winter sun