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We might be a small country with even less people, but if we are good at making something, it’s got to be world class athletes. Anže Kopitar is undoubtedly the greatest athlete coming from our little nation. Started to play ice hockey when he was of little age, he advanced quickly, moved to Sweden as a teenager and soon got drafted in NHL by LA Kings team. He immediately proved his worth and has since become one of the best NHL players with high praises from different ice hockey experts, Wayne Gretzky being one of them.

Anže’s view of the ice field is unlike any others and he finished this years play-offs as top scoring player with 26 points in 26 games. His statistic are at the bottom of this page.


One of the first to arrive to the ‘crime scene’ was one of Anže’s biggest fans from his hometown.

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Public revealing of Stanley’s Cup by Anže Kopitar of LA Kings brought thousands of fans to his home town Hrušica. Licence plates could be seen from all over Slovenia and also Italian, Croatian and Austrian ones – heck how many times does Stanley arrive to this part of Europe anyway?

Anyway a big CONGRATULATIONS to Anže Kopitar and his team LA KINGS for such an achievement and I wish to see this Cup again some day at Hrušica

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