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Aviofun 2011 Red Arrows

The main attraction for most of the crowd that gathered at aerodrome Maribor, had to be the performance of Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team. Flying the nine BAe Hawk T.1 jet trainers, the team is arguably the best in the world.

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Aviofun 2011 Civies

On Friday, 3rd June 2011, airshow called Aviofun 2011 was held at Maribor airport in NE part of Slovenia. Organized by Slovenj Gradec based Aviofun private aviation company it was meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Slovenian Air Force and hence the slogan 20 flights for 20 years. Airshow promissed a lot but unfortunately things were not smooth and the last minute cancellations of DB-5 and Croatian MiG-21 removed two very interesting displays from the list of participants. I managed to get the press photo accreditation but unfortunately due to total mess in organizations and some irrational decisions I remained in the crowd and tried to enjoy the programme as much as I could. Unfortunately as has happened before, and this airshow was no exception, it is of utter importance to make the airshow last 8hrs – it’s ok at RIAT but not here with such a small list of participating aircraft… Why not make a 4 hour airshow and that one packed with nice flying displays without pauses? And of course Mother Nature had her own plans for that fateful Friday and supplied all kinds of weather – from bright sunshine to heavy downpour; and everything in between and thus making photography quite challenging.

Anyway here’s the first  part of my report – some of the civilian aircraft on display

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