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Lanzarote – Parks

If you want to escape the skin burning sun or just relax Lanzarote has some attractions where you will find some shade and natural piece of tranquility.

Rancho Texas park is a small ZOO near Puerto del Carmen. Very modern and very nice getaway for whole family and nature/animal lovers. It’s main attractions are White Tigers, Parrot show and my favorite, the Birds of prey show.

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Cuba – Day 14; Havana Aquarium

Last day in Cuba, we spent in Havana and since we had an evening flight back to Europe, we had to kill most of the day in the city. We’ve seen most of the central attractions and we’ve been sick and tired of jineteros so we headed towards the calmer part of Havana, full of embassies and a location of national aquarium.

Dolphins are the biggest attraction of the aquarium.

Sea lions don’t fall much behind by the popularity

But this pelican didn’t get bothered by the shows and was stretching its wings.

Some exotic carribiean fish

This little bugger has a perfect camo

Fearsome looking green mooray