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Norway: Preikestolen

The main target of our first full day in Norway was a climb up to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) cliff. Probably the most famous cliff in Norway (besides Trolltunga) and much more accessible to the masses. Luckily, September is a month, when crowds disappear and although there were people up there, it was not as crowded as it can get in the summer months.

Recently, Preikestolen featured in the final scene of final episode of Season 2 of History Channel Vikings series, with King Ragnar Lothbrok sitting on the cliff.


Norway: Gardermoen to Stavanger

Arriving to the Oslo Gardermoen airport in the afternoon, we picked up our rental Volvo and took the road to the South – to Kristiansand on the southernmost tip of the country. Driving experience was similar to Swedish one – calm drivers with fluid, speed limit respecting traffic – a real joy to drive on such roads.


After a short night’s sleep in a camp, just outside of Kristiansand, we were greeted by a sunny morning and the dawn brought a symbolic start of our Norwegian experience.

Our goal for today was reaching Stavanger, but in the process, see the southern part of the country and the prize of the day, climb and see the famous Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) cliff.


Kecskemet 2013, Part VII




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Kecskemet 2013, Part VI

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Kecskemet 2013, Part V

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Kecskemet, Part IV


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Kecskemet 2013, Part III

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Kecskemet 2013, Part II

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Kecskemet 2013, Part I

First off a few words about this airshow. Kecskemet is located some 80kms south from Hungary’s capital Budapest. It is home to a fighter base and it’s history goes long way back. Organizers managed to organize some of the best airshows in Eastern Europe in the last decade. However this years program was a bit pale compared to previous shows. However, what they managed to accomplish was the display of Russian aerobatic team Russian Knights with the mighty Su-27 ‘Flankers’. Definitely a highlight of the day and the reason why so many people attended the show and waited till the end. Hungary being a rather flat country, when the weather heats up, it stays that way until the next major weather change – and we were “lucky” to attend the show right in the middle of the heat wave that still burns most of central Europe at the moment. Upon arrival at 8am, the outside temperature was already at 33C while during the day it rose to around 40C – in the shade which led to another problem – there was none of it. Press representative cars went through a thorough check I have never experienced before at the airshow anywhere in the world, which involved even a K9 check of the car.

A few water sprinklers for several tens of thousands of people were simply not enough and the water tanks that were placed around the airfield were emptied in an instance. The rare arrivals of water tank trucks reminded me of “The Living Dead” scenes, where people were walking numb behind the truck like a bunch of zombies waiting for a bite of fresh human flesh. To top it all, as I understood the water was not drinkable, yet most of the visitors were forced to ignore this warning as the fear of dehydration was far worse and I had to admit, even I resorted to it, drinking about 1.5L of that water (of more than 6L that day total) without consequences. What troubled me the most was the lack of any information in the language other than Hungarian. Claiming to be an international airshow, I would expect at least some warning or directional signs in English or at least German language, but to no avail. Another problem was if you arrived without their local Forint currency. Even if you were prepared to pay double for a bottle of water, they wouldn’t take the money. I’ve heard of some non-profit vendors like local museums, that if they wanted to participate at the show, they had to pay unreasonable amounts of fee and therefore most if not all of them refused to participated so beside’s the flying display and a few static aircraft, there was not much to see at the show. While the show was unfolding by the schedule, in the afternoon the slipping started, some unannounced aircraft appeared (some biplanes and a C-17 that flew in, probably from Papa airbase) and longer intervals between the displays meant that by the time of Russian Knights display, there was already more than 1 hour of delay and the sun was getting quite low already. Even Hungarian Air Force is just a shadow of its former glory – Fulcrums and Hinds were retired in the recent years and during the opening flypast, only Gripens, An-26, Mi-17 and a couple of ancient Yak-52s performed.

To conclude this summary – it was not all bad, despite the many shortcomings and as I understand this was a new team of organizers so I expect they will improve until the next show. Despite the massive heat, which was obviously out of control, the displays were nice, light was great for photography most of the day, and the evening Russian Knights display made it worthwhile barbequing all day in the middle of Hungary.

Posts and photos will be posted in chronological order and as usual, click on the photo will enlarge it.


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Rammstein vs. old Olympus

Last night Rammstein were burning down Stozice hall in Ljubljana. Band probably doesn’t need any special introduction and their concerts are always theatrical including massive pyrotechnic displays combined with carefully choreographic performance, often insulting to some of the visitors, not taking care for any taboos and maintaining their controversial image.



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