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Cuba; Cars

Before our Cuban trip, I’ve heard and read that there’s a bunch of old 1950s American cars still being driven all around Cuba. I took it for granted and expected to see a few of those old cars, probably parked by some exotic buildings and their owners bragging about them. And boy, how wrong I was. Actually about a third of the cars driven in Cuba are those old Oldsmobile, Chevys,… The other third would be Soviet Ladas and just around ten percent are newer modern cars.

First introduction to the old cars was the area in front of Capitol… Lots of cab drivers to choose from.

Looked like a mafia car… well it still does…

Well, this was the one and only old carbriolet that I’ve seen there… must have been lucky I guess

Another taxi… check the dude on the right 😀

Not all of the cars are in a good state though… In fact most of them are powered by Lada engines…

Speaking of Ladas – can you count how many of them are on this photo? 😉

A beauty from Cienfuegos

And another one from Vinales.

Cuba – Day 3; Santa Clara

After 2 days in Havana, it was time to move one and the next destination was Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a smaller town located in the centre of Cuba, and because of all the action during revolution, also known as Che Guevara’s town.

Queues – a totally normal sight in Cuba – you have to wait for almost everything… for example, I experienced such queue in front of icecream parlor and waited for 45 minutes

A hotel in central Parque Vidal – still bearing the damage from the revolutionary battle

A view to the Che Guevara’s statue – below it lies the museum and mausoleum with his remains.

Close up of the great fighter

Monument on the place where Che and a handful of his man attacked an armored train.

Leaving the Santa Clara for Cienfuegos we spotted this mural on the bus station.