Kriška gora is a 5km mountain range above the place I live, spanning from cabin at Kriška gora (1.471m) in the West to the Tolsti vrh peak (1.715m) in the East. Hike is not too difficult but can be pretty steep at some places. Starting from Golnik, you need about an hour to reach the small village of Gozd, where the slopes of Kriška gora greet you upon exiting forest path. There you decide wether to proceed inbound cabin (lots of people do, as they have great food) or continue East inbound Tolsti vrh. We decided to take this route and after a couple of hours reached the peak. I have to say it was the last beautiful day of Autumn that day, with temperatures in 20C range and such hike was very pleasant.


The slopes of Tolsti vrh greet you with beautiful views which only get better the higher you go.

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