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Orsa – Uppsala

Leaving the Orsa Björnpark at around 2pm, we headed back south via Falun to the university town of Uppsala.


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Cuba – Day 3; Santa Clara

After 2 days in Havana, it was time to move one and the next destination was Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a smaller town located in the centre of Cuba, and because of all the action during revolution, also known as Che Guevara’s town.

Queues – a totally normal sight in Cuba – you have to wait for almost everything… for example, I experienced such queue in front of icecream parlor and waited for 45 minutes

A hotel in central Parque Vidal – still bearing the damage from the revolutionary battle

A view to the Che Guevara’s statue – below it lies the museum and mausoleum with his remains.

Close up of the great fighter

Monument on the place where Che and a handful of his man attacked an armored train.

Leaving the Santa Clara for Cienfuegos we spotted this mural on the bus station.