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Prague by air

Bird’s eye view is always spectacular and when our friend Jakub told us, that he’ll take us for a flight over downtown Prague, we got even more excited. Especially since overflights are normally not allowed, so this was indeed a special occasion. And off we went to the Letnany airfield, located to the north of the city.


Instrument panel of our aircraft of the day.


Taxiing towards the runway – although the tower is present at the field, this is uncontrolled airfield.


Numerous derelict MiGs are standing by the hangars – the airfield lies just across of military Kbely airfield.


On our way, we passed this German Cessna – the pilot sounded a bit lost on frequency.

and we goooooo


Northern Prague suburbs.


Trojsky Most (Troja bridge) is just one of many bridges across Vltava river. It’s quite infamous with major cost overruns. It opened in October 2014, several months after this photo was taken.


Prague Ruzyne International airport surrounded by bright yellow rapeseed fields.


Downtown Prague – Vaslavske Namesti (Wenceslas Square) with Museum and central railway station.


Old Town with Charles’ Bridge and Prague Castle.


Close up view of the Charles Bridge and Old Town.


216m high TV tower which also houses restaurant and viewing platform.


A view toewards the downtown Prague from the North-East.


Military airfield Kbely.


Part of the outdoor museum exhibit at Kbely.


Apron of doom – derelict Cold War era fighters, trainers and attack aircraft wait for the better times.


And last but not least – our ride of the day – Czech built Morava L-200.

Prague on foot

Prague, Praha, Praga,…


I first visited Prague in 2005 as a part of my ATC training and lived there for a month. It was love at first sight – beautiful architecture, nice prices, excellent beer, good food and relaxed atmosphere. I have returned there a few more times – following photos are from May 2014.

As there are quite a few photos I’d like to share with you, please click on the first of the thumbnails and then browse, either by clicking on the arrows on the sides of the photos, or by using arrow keys on your keyboard.