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A trip to Norway

Everyone who has ever met me knows, that I am in love with the  North. I prefer winter to summer, snow covered plains to sunlit beaches etc. So I guess it is now wonder that in summer, instead of traveling to some Mediterranean beach, I rather travel somewhere up North. I’ve been to Helsinki (Finland) before and in 2013 I’ve traveled around Sweden with my wife. I know this photo/travel report is long overdue, but better late than never. So in 2014, along with my wife and a couple of friends, we’ve set our sights on Norway!

As I like to travel on a budget, which requires quite some resourcefulness in Scandinavia, and since we wanted to see as much as possible in the limited time available, travel plans have started earlier in the year, while the travel date was set for September. September is great for traveling around Scandinavia, as most of the tourists are already gone so you have the whole country for yourself, while the weather is still nice and warm.

So the September arrived and it was time to go. While I usually find the best deals on low-cost airlines, surprisingly this time, the best deal we got was by a Dutch airline KLM. Return fare Venice – Amsterdam – Oslo was just over 160EUR – a deal, any low-cost airline would be hard to beat – especially due to extra costs usually required for extra luggage. Starting our trip near Kranj, we picked up our friends in Ljubljana and started our 2hour journey to Venice.


After a rather uneventful drive, we parked at Ali Park, a private parking space just outside of the airport. They offer cheaper alternative to the airport parking and they take you to the airport and pick you up when you return with a van.


All the photos in the gallery are captioned, so just click on the first photo and enjoy the report with larger resolution photos, than normally on this blog.

After arriving to Amsterdam, we had a little under an hour for our connected flight to Oslo, again on a KLM Boeing 737-800, as on a flight from Venice. I normally don’t like the connected flights, especially inside of Europe, but for this price and just the right amount of wait time (so you don’t have to sprint across the huge terminal buildings), I was more than happy.


Another uneventful flight and we finally arrived to Norway where our adventure really began!

Till the next time!

Since you are reading this, I believe you already read Part 1 of this report – if not, scroll down a bit and you read it.

If first one was classic view of Venice, this one is a little less

Antenne city – I wonder how many TV channels do they receive

Symmetry is a bad word in Venice… so are straight chimneys 🙂

One-way “road”

I wonder what substances was sculpturer using when creating this fella’

Searching for that tasty tourist sandwich, mmmm

Cock fighting is banned in most of the world, but pigeon fighting is a common sight around Piazza San Marco

Murano glass is world famous but they don’t make just jewlery as evident 😀

Since there were almost 2 months of sunless winter (read fog, fog, fog and did I mention fog?) in central Slovenia from mid-November to January and it was becoming quite depressing, I’ve decided to head somewhere where the sun would shine without shame. A quick glance at the Central Europe weather forecast showed a perfect spot – the oh so romantic Venice in Italy… So I packed a gear and headed bravely (you need to be brave to drive around Italy, you know?) where my feet have never gone before.

And here it is, the first part of the photo report; maybe a bit boring, cause you’ve seen so many similar pics of Venice before, but since it was my first visit, I couldn’t go out of there without them…

Of course as you would expect, the city is full of channels and bridges and yes, people do live in those houses. Since there are no streets in the city, you have to swithch your car for a boat and the old wisdom says laundry dries better on fresh air.

One of the bigger squares in Venice, Campo San Giovanni e Paolo – the building on the right is the Church of St. John and Paul while the white building is, believe it or not, the hospital.

Probably one of the most famous Venetian landmarks in the San Marco pillar standing on world famous Piazza San Marco. As you can see, beside being a nice thing to take photo of, it is also a perfectly suitable resting place for local feathery residents.

Again one of the favorite tourist spots in Venice – the Bridge of sighs… I guess money is more powerful than anything in the world – and people have to find it somewhere between those commercials… At least gondolla is pristine…

The most famous bridge, Rialto, crossing the Canal Grande and also the oldest one – finished in 1591.

Colours started turning orange when the sunset was approaching – a view from Piazza San Marco towards the island of San Giorgio Maggiore and its church.

Unfortunately there’s lots of contruction and renovation going on all around Venice (although it appears it never gets completed), ruining nice sunset photos. But that aside, the big shiny star of our galaxy set behind the magnificent Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.

As the light was running out fast and the bluelight appeared over Rialto, it was a sign to head home…