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Cuba; Cars

Before our Cuban trip, I’ve heard and read that there’s a bunch of old 1950s American cars still being driven all around Cuba. I took it for granted and expected to see a few of those old cars, probably parked by some exotic buildings and their owners bragging about them. And boy, how wrong I was. Actually about a third of the cars driven in Cuba are those old Oldsmobile, Chevys,… The other third would be Soviet Ladas and just around ten percent are newer modern cars.

First introduction to the old cars was the area in front of Capitol… Lots of cab drivers to choose from.

Looked like a mafia car… well it still does…

Well, this was the one and only old carbriolet that I’ve seen there… must have been lucky I guess

Another taxi… check the dude on the right 😀

Not all of the cars are in a good state though… In fact most of them are powered by Lada engines…

Speaking of Ladas – can you count how many of them are on this photo? 😉

A beauty from Cienfuegos

And another one from Vinales.

Cuba – Day 10-13; Vinales

Finished with our stay at Playa Giron, we got ourselves a ride from Hotel to Cienfuegos in an old 1983 Moskvitch car, hitting a stray dog on the way and finally arriving to the city in the evening. We remembered several Casas from our previous visit and soon found one that had an empty room for us. The next morning we headed towards Viazul station and soon boarded the bus towards Havana and continued towards Pinar del Rio and Vinales. We’ve heard so many beautiful things about this small town that curiousity was eating us. While getting off the bus, the story was the same as everywhere in Cuba – people offering their Casas almost tore us apart. Finally picking one up, the peace settled in and a true holiday begun.

Vinales is a small town of a little more than 10.000 people, but I guess the number is total for the whole valley as it is really small. Almost all the houses are Casa Particulares as well. And  cheap ones – prices in Vinales were half of that anywhere else and the food was the best!

The main (and only) square and at the same time center of Vinales

One of the best ways to explore the surroundings of the Vinales is horseriding.


Sandy beach of a big salty lake locate just west above Vinales

Palms offering some shade for resting horses

Fertile red soil and enough humidity offer excellent growing conditions for all kind of plants

Most of the field work is still being done with the help of animals

A red path towards “mogotes”

The area is full of banana and pineapple plants

And of course some of the best Cuban tobacco – drying in April.

There’s a bunch of this kind of little fellas everywhere catching flies with supersonic speeds and reflexes

Terrain around Vinales is limestone and Karstic phenomena can be found all around. There are some caves open for tourists but if you’ve seen Postojna or Škocjan caves, don’t bother visiting, because you’ll be disappointed. “A bravery of slaves” display for the tourists including machettes and lots of fire.

Fresh fruit is being sold in such huts along the main road.

The beat of Vinales

The view of the Valle de Vinales with a mighty mogotes in the background