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Imperial War Museum London

London has many museums – MANY! A lot of them are free to visit. But unfortunately time was our enemy on this trip and we only visited one – to sooth the military historian living inside me.

While the Great Britain has a rich military history spanning hundreds of years, the collection of this museum represents mainly the military history of 20th and 21th century.

Top floor hosts a collection of Victoria Cross recipients, next two floors host Holocaust exhibition and understandably, photography is not allowed in this sections. Here’s just a glimpse of a few exhibits.


Immediately upon entering the museum, we are greeted by the largest exhibits – the famous jump-jet BAE Harrier Gr.9A…


1:1 model of the famous Battle of Britain fighter Spitfire…


And Hitler’s terror weapons – the V-1 flying bomb and V-2 rocket (in the background)


88mm flak – heavy German anti-aircraft gun that shot down many allied planes and was equally dangerous against soft ground targets.


Rolls-Royce Merlin engine – a remarkable piece of engineering.


Remains of a World War 2 Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter


Pieces of steel beams from the New York’s World Trade Center.


Remains of a car, presumably a Mercedes S-class, that was located near the explosion of an IED in Iraq.


AM.39 Exocet – French built anti-ship missile that was responsible for the sinking of HMS Sheffield and several other ships at Falkland Islands in 1982.



A walk through the “trenches” of World War I.


Always remember, a fallen soldier…

Always remember, a fallen soldier
Always remember, fathers and sons at war
Always remember, a fallen soldier
Always remember, buried in history

Sabaton, 40:1

Visiting¬† places like these, always brings back some Sabaton songs, singing about the war and the soldiers that never came home. Soca valley was the place of “Isonzo front” during the World War 1 and anyone visiting this place today, has a hard time believing how nearly a hundred years ago, Austro-Hungarian, German and Italian armies were fighting eachother over one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys. Even today, the valley is ful of war artefacts and from time to time they still find unexploded munitions. Unfortunately each war comes with casaulties and the pictures below show Austro-Hungarian graveyard which became final resting place of 546 soldiers, who gave their lives during the last AH assault on Italian lines and pushed them up to Piave river.

Hear the sound of a machinegun
Hear it echo in the night
Mortals firing rains the scene
Scars the fields
that once were green

It’s a stalemate at the frontline
where the soldiers rest in mud
roads and houses
all is gone
there is no glory to be won


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