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Winter night

I love winter! I adore winter! I prefer cold over heat. That’s maybe why I’d rather go on vacation to some Scandinavian country instead of tropics. And of course there’s nothing more “sacred” for me, than the arrival of the first snow of the season. It happened this Saturday and it was snowing into the night throughout most of the country. Yesterday, the skies cleared eventually and while this meant that most of the heavy snow in the lowlands is gonna melt, the one higher up will definitely remain for a while. So as I went to sleep sometime past 11pm and looked through the window, I just knew I had to take shot.

cobra-1-2Click on the photo for bigger resolution!


Winter is my favorite time of the year, and the more snow the merrier. Yesterday’s afternoon hike destination was Tamar glacier valley. We parked our car at Planica ski jumping parking and then proceeded by foot on a snow covered road to the Tamar mountain cabin. Here’s a few shots from the hike.

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