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Lanzarote – Parks

If you want to escape the skin burning sun or just relax Lanzarote has some attractions where you will find some shade and natural piece of tranquility.

Rancho Texas park is a small ZOO near Puerto del Carmen. Very modern and very nice getaway for whole family and nature/animal lovers. It’s main attractions are White Tigers, Parrot show and my favorite, the Birds of prey show.

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Lanzarote – Around the island

La Geria is a small town in the middle of the island known for its unique vineyards. Due to the constant winds and desert-like landscape growing vines isn’t an easy job here. Vines are grown in a holes, dug out of volcan sands and in many cases further protected by rock walls. The area is covered with this unique looking vineyards and Google maps even show some of them inside a volcano crater!

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Lanzarote – Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National park is located on the Western part of the island and covers around 50 square kilometers of volcanic landscape.

“El Diablo” is the symbol of the park, made by Cesar Manrique who made many Lanzarotian statues and POIs.

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Not all of the coast are nice sandy beaches and those are gonna be the subject of todays post.

Vivildy ilustrated lava flow into the Atlantic in the last eruptions less than 200 years ago.

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Lanzarote is the eastern most island of the Canary Islands and 4th by the size.┬áIt is positioned around 125km away from the African coast and just a few kilometers from the Fuerteventura island and of course surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Canary islands are great to visit all year around as temperatures don’t change much. Constant winds offer the adventurers excellent opportunities for sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kiting. But let the photos do the talking…

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